5 Slot Divider

The 5 slot divider is great for SS Needlefish, SP Minnows, and Hydro Minnows.

Price: $10

4 Slot Divider

The 4 slot divider is great for SS Darters, Mag Darters, Pencil Poppers, and Skinny Metal Lips.

Price: $10

3 Slot Divider

The 3 slot divider is great for SS Bottle Plugs, Danny Plugs, and Northbar Bottle Plugs.

Price: $10

2 Slot Divider

The 2 Slot Divider is great for large glide baits such as Sebile Magic Swimmers and Stick Shadds. It also accommodates lures with 3/0 or larger treble hooks.

Price: $10 

Extended Bottom

The extended bottom is great for instances where you want to stuff the tube with lures but want to retrieve lures from the bottom of the tube.

Price: $10 

2 Slot Bucktail Divider

The 2 slot bucktail divider is great for bucktails and jigs. This was designed to make the tube 4 inches deep to prevent jigs from falling to the bottom. The bottom section is hollow to reduce weight.

Price: $15 

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